1 Wanted; The Perfect Pet

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Wanted; The Perfect Pet

Written by Fiona Roberton

Illustrated by Fiona Roberton

Reviewed by Kate P. (age 7)

Wanted; The Perfect Pet

Wanted: The Perfect Pet is about a boy who wants the perfect pet. He wants a perfect pet that is a dog. He wants it more than chips, more than a cowboy outfit, more than getting a trip to the moon. To get the perfect pet, he sends flyers to his town. The flyer says 'Wanted: The Perfect Pet' and another animal finds it. The animal jumps into a box and gets shipped the boy's house. The animal then goes to the boy's house dressed as a dog because he is alone and wants a buddy. The boy is surprised because he thinks there is a dog in the box.

My opinion is that the pet that he ends up with is funny. The pet he gets is funny because it dresses up as a dog. It tries to make a barking sound like a dog, but it quacks. It tries to fetch but its beak gets in the way. It tries to act like a dog, but then the costume falls off and he says "I am not a dog". What animal do you think it is?

Another reason I liked the book is because the boy wanted a dog. I like this because I have a dog. Also, I like it because my favorite animal is a dog.

I also like this book because it has a lot of colors and details. I like the details because the author added perfect before pet instead of just a regular or ordinary pet.

If you want the perfect pet then you're going to like the story Wanted: The Perfect Pet. I recommend this book for kindergartners, first graders, second graders and third graders.