1 Click, Clack, Moo Cows that Type

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Click, Clack, Moo Cows that Type

Written by Doreen Cronin

Illustrated by Betsy Lewin

Reviewed by Ari B. (age 8)

Click, Clack, Moo Cows that Type

I like Click Clack Moo Cows that Type and the author who made this book is Doreen Cronin. The characters are the cows, Farmer Brown, the ducks and the hen. It is a fiction book about cows and other animals that type on a typewriter. They like to type and they send notes to Farmer Brown. One note says "the barn is cold at night and we would like to have electric blankets for us the cows". The second note says "sorry we are closed, no milk today" because they are mad Farmer Brown did not bring electric blankets. The next note says "no eggs and no milk".

It is funny that the cows like to type and that the cows say, 'click clack moo' when they type. Cows that type, impossible! It is also funny because they want electric blankets and they don't make it for farm animals, only for farmers or humans.

I also like the book because it is all about a typewriter. Me and my dad write about the work we need to do in the yard sometimes.

The author and the illustrator do a good job with the words and the pictures. I like the words because the author uses sound words like 'click', 'clack' and 'moo'. I like the pictures because it shows the characters in this book doing funny things.

If you think the book is funny then you should read it because it has funny parts and funny pictures. If you like silly books then run out and get it.