1 David Goes to School

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David Goes to School

Written by David Shannon

Illustrated by David Shannon

Reviewed by Emily M. (age 8)

David Goes to School

First, David was learning rules like... no yelling, no pushing, and no running in the halls. Next, one day David was tardy the same day he got in a lot of trouble that day like... when he was told to sit down, and to not chew gum in class. Then all the trouble he caused made him stay in from school.

I love the book David Goes to School so so so much. One reason is because it is so funny. It is funny because of the pictures. For example, when David uses a book for a drum. Another reason is that it makes it look like a kid is writing it. It is messier than my handwriting, but you can still read it. Those are some reasons why I really really like this book. My favorite part is when he gets to go home! This is my favorite part because he had to clean everything up and he didn't like that, so he went home, which he did like.

I recommend this book because you can learn from it and laugh!