1 Wemberly Worried

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Wemberly Worried

Written by Kevin Henkes

Reviewed by Vaishvi V. (age 7)

Wemberly Worried

The main character is a girl named Wemberly. She worries about everything. She worries about a tree next to her house. Most of all she worries about school. Will Wemberly stop worrying? Read this book to find out.

I think Wemberly Worried is a funny and happy book for two reasons! One reason it is funny is that Wemberly is scared about everything. She worries during the day, afternoon, and night. One reason it is happy is when Wemberly found a friend in class. She finds a friend in her new classroom. Those are a few reasons why Wemberly Worried is a funny and happy book to me. My favorite part is when Wemberly found a friend. This was my favorite part because Wemberly finally stops being worried and she is happy. This made me feel happy.

I think to recommend this book to children because it can help teach them about friendship. I hope you like it!