1 Tutu Much Ballet

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Tutu Much Ballet

Written by Gabriel Charbonnet

Illustrated by Abby Carter

Reviewed by Kareena N. (age 9)

This story is about a girl named Charlotte who has a friend named Annabel. Annabel was going to summer camp and Charlotte wanted to go with her. Then Charlotte's mother told her that she signed her up for ballet class. Charlotte didn't want to go. When Charlotte started she found a friend. Then her friend told her that every year they put on a performance. Charlotte was surprised and didn't want to do it. During the performance, Charlotte was doing everything differently from the others. After the performance, she went to the day camp and she watched Annabel do a performance. The last time Charlotte saw Annabel she couldn't do the back flip on the trampoline. When Annabel did her performance, she did the back flip and did everything perfect!

I like this story a lot because it was funny. Some parts of the performance were funny. It also had a lot of details and information like about the ballet class and about Charlotte and Annabel. I recommend this book to people if they like the author. The author wrote another book about Charlotte and Annabel called "Snakes are Nothing to Sneeze at."