1 Grievous Attacks!

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Grievous Attacks!

Written by Tracey West

Reviewed by Emmett W. (age 7)

Grievous Attacks!

First, Anakin Skywalker loses R2-D2 and starts a search. Next, Ahsoka Tano introduces R3-S6 to Anakin. Then, Anakin, Ahsoka, R3, and Clone Captain Rex find R2 but also find out that R3 is a bad guy.

I think Grievous Attacks! is a sad book. Here is why. Anakin loses R2-D2. He loses R2 in a space battle. Another reason it is sad is because many people get captured or die. R2 gets captured and many clone troopers die or get trapped. That is why I think Grievous Attacks! is a sad book. I think this book is similar to the video game that I play. My favorite part is when Ahsoka faces "Grumpy" (Grievous). This is my favorite part because I like this character.

If you like Star Wars you will like this book.