1 Humphrey's Creepy, Crawly Adventure

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Humphrey's Creepy, Crawly Adventure

Written by Betty Birney

Reviewed by Jason R. (age 8)

Humphrey's Creepy, Crawly Adventure

In Humphrey, Creepy Crawly Adventure, Heidi had a party with 10 people. Humphrey is scared because they saw a snake. Humphrey was so excited because he got to go to Heidi’s house for the weekend. They found their neighbors in their yard. Ten people found a snake outside the tent but they got it away.

I like this book because 10 people got to sleep in the backyard. They got to do really cool things like communicating with turning the flashlights on and off in the tent. Humphrey got to make a monster in the shadow of the flashlight. I like the characters because they’re funny.

I believe this book would be perfect for kids in 2nd grade. The theme of this book is interesting and this might be a good because they get go on an adventure.