1 Wellie Wishers: The Riddle of the Robin

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Wellie Wishers: The Riddle of the Robin

Written by Valerie Tripp

Illustrated by Thu Thay

Reviewed by Lindsey T. (age 7)

Wellie Wishers: The Riddle of the Robin

Willa was excited because she had something wonderful to show her friends. Her friends, Kendal, Ashlyn, Camile, and Emerson came to see Willa. Will told them to put on their wellies. and led them to a maple tree. Emerson was jumping in a puddle when one of her wellies came off. They all had a lot of fun playing together.

My favorite part is when Emerson's wellie came off because it was silly. My favorite character is Willa because she looks like me and we're both beautiful. This story relates to my life because I love nature. The pictures helped me picture the birds.

You should read this story because it will teach you about birds. It is creative and the characters are thoughtful and kind.