1 Appelemando's Dreams

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Appelemando's Dreams

Written by Patricia Polacco

Reviewed by Rachel S. (age 8)

Appelemando's Dreams

Appelemando loved to dream just for his friends. Appelemando and his friends wanted the villagers to believe that the stuff on the walls were dreams, not paint. But Appelemando's dreams were sticking to the building's walls. The children tried to explain that the paint was really dreams, but the villagers wouldn't listen. Will the villagers ever find out that the paint is really dreams.

My favorite part of the book is when the villagers find out the dreams were not paint because they had accused Appelemando and now they realized him and his friends were telling the truth. I like Appelemando because he has a good imagination. He reminds me of myself because I have a good imagination.

I recommend this book because it has an imaginative story. I recommend this book to older children so they understand what Patricia Polacco's message is to her reader. It might interest readers because it makes you use your imagination more.