1 Pinkalicious

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Written by Victoria and Elizabeth Kann

Illustrated by Victoria and Elizabeth Kann

Reviewed by Kareena S. (age 6)


Pinkalicious wanted to make pink cupcakes. She did and thought they were so yummy. She ate so many cupcakes that she turned pink! Her daddy thought she had played with her markers so he gave her a bath. Then Pinkalicious ate green foods and she turned back to her normal self. Then Peter turned pink and Pink-a-boo!

My favorite part was when they made the cupcakes because they looked yummy and sweet. My favorite character is Pinkalicious because she liked pink and so do I. This story relates to my life because I have eaten green food before. The pictures helped me understand what she did.

I think other people should read this story because it is a really good book. This book is pink, happy, and yummy.