1 Millions Of Cats

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Millions Of Cats

Written by Wanda Ga'G

Reviewed by Charlie E. (age 7)

Millions Of Cats

This story is about two people who want a cat. One day, an old man went to look for one. As he was walking, he saw in the bushes hundreds and thousands of cats. He wondered which one he should take home because there were cats everywhere. All of the cats started fighting with each other to show him which one of them was the best. Finally there was one left and the old man took it home.

My favorite part is when they all take a sip and eat because all of the food looked good. My favorite character is all of the cats. This story relates to me because I have a cat. The pictures helped me see what was happening.

I think others should read this story because it is really good. It is beautiful and great, but will make you feel lonely.