1 The BFG

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Written by Roald Dahl

Illustrated by Quentin Blake

Reviewed by Skylah A. (age 8)


If you like to laugh, The BFG is the book for you. The BFG is a giant who stole a girl named Sophie in the middle of the night. The BFG took a book from another child to learn to read. He makes up funny words. This book is funny when the BFG drinks the frobscottle and wizzpops. Also, I like when Sophie got in the snozzcumber and the giant almost ate her. Does Sophie survive with the giant? Do you want to see what happens next? Go read this book. It is funny and it is also a little scary. If you like to imagine then this is the book for you.

I strongly believe that The BFG is the funniest book I ever read in my life. My favorite part is when The BFG drinks so much frobscottle that he flies in the air. The bubbles go down in the soda just like they do in frobscottle. This makes The BFG wizzpop (have gas) so he flies into the air. There is also something unique about this book, which are the pictures. They are very good illustrations in this book. The illustrations are black and white and show what the BFG looks like. In addition, Roald Dahl was great at describing things in the book and the BFG. You can picture in your mind what thing look like. I am confident that when you read this book you will be so amazed.

I recommend this book because it is so scary. Another reason I recommend this book is the BFG talks funny. I think readers 8-13 would enjoy this book because it is a hilarious book. This will interest people who do not like to put a book down. In addition, people who like adventures would love this book! This book might interest people who love giants and love England. This will probably be the book for you. This is why the BFG is crazy!