1 Bully

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Written by Patricia Polacco

Reviewed by Carlson K. (age 9)


On Lyla’s first day at her new school, she was walking down the hall when she met her new friend Jamie Aldrich. Jamie and Lyla were both in the same sixth grade class. They went to lunch together the first day. There were different kinds of tables in the lunchroom. There were the sports tables, cool kids tables, science tables, gymnastic tables, and skateboard tables. Lyla and Jamie sat at the regular table. The cool girls finally asked her to sit with them at lunch. One day at lunch, when she was sitting with the cool girls, Jamie waved to her. The cool girls did not like Jamie. Read the story to find out what happens.

I like the book because it reminds me of my sister and I when we first went to our school. The story has good details. The illustrations are colorful and beautiful! I also like this book because it is realistic fiction and there are bullies in every school.

I recommend this book ages 8 to 11 years old. I think children who have been having problems at school would like this book. If you are having a hard time being bullied you will understand what the kids go through. I enjoyed reading this book.