1 Mermaid Tales: Trouble at Trident Academy

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Mermaid Tales: Trouble at Trident Academy

Written by Debbie Dadey

Reviewed by Emily D. (age 8)

Mermaid Tales: Trouble at Trident Academy

Do you like Mermaids? If you do, you should read Mermaid Tales Trouble at Trident Academy. This book is about Shelly, Echo, Kiki, Pearl and Rocky. The friends go to school and their school is called Trident Academy. Pearl is mean to everyone in the school. The kids are not happy about Pearl being mean to them. Read the book to find out what the kids do about Pearl!

My favorite part is when Shelly and Kiki get to know each other. Because Kiki tell Shelly she haves seventeen brothers. This surprises Shelly, and me! The character I found interesting was Shelly because she likes to explore new things. In one port of the book, she had such a good time exploring the new statue in the park. In the beginning, Pearl was being mean to everyone. By the end of the book, Pearl started being to be kind to everyone. The thing that made Pearl change was when she notices that everyone else had friends and she did not. This book teaches you to be kind to others.

I think that others kids should read this book because it will make you happy and teach you to be kind to others. A reader that likes mermaids and friendship should read this book. Kids ages 6-9 should read this book.