1 The Time Machine

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The Time Machine

Written by H.G. Wells (adaptation of)

Reviewed by Daniel C. (age 9)

Take a trip through time with the Time Traveler! This book is about a time traveler that makes a time machine and goes to the year 802,701 A.D. and finds very peaceful people called the Eloi. There is another kind of beast-like people called Morlocks. The time traveler finds out the Eloi are afraid of the Morlocks and the Morlocks are eating the Eloi. To find out what else the Time Traveler finds out about the Eloi and what happens to the Time Traveler, read "The Time Machine" by H.G. Wells.

The big idea in this story is the mystery of where the Time Machine went. Only the Morlocks know.

I like this book because it had a lot of action and because it is a science fiction book. I thought that the illustrations were awesome because they looked real. I think that someone would want to read this book because if they like science fiction this story is packed! I would recommend this book to young readers because it has action, science fiction, and it is very well written.