1 If Wishes Were Horses

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If Wishes Were Horses

Written by Sibley Miller

Illustrated by Tara Larsen Chang and Joe Gershman

Reviewed by Nancy B (age 8)

If Wishes Were Horses

Do you like to read magical books? Then you should read If Wishes Were Horses. In the beginning, a little girl with no friends blows on a dandelion and four horses appear, but the girl can’t see them. The horse’s names are Sumatra, Kona, Brisa, and Sirocco. The horses have an invisible halo. The four horses have fun exploring their new land. Do the horses like their new land? Read the book to find out more.

I like this book because there were magical horses. The magical horses did many different things like making a carrot cake, choosing their names and flying. My favorite part in the book is when they were thinking of their special names and one of them said “Apple Pie” and one of her friends think that name was a dessert, not a real name. It was very silly. Finally, all of the horses were thinking of a good name so they said “Sirocco”. The horses liked it! This reminds me of blowing on a dandelion. One day when I was blowing a dandelion I saw a girl. Then, the girl got the flower and she went in my house then she blew it inside. They also blew the dandelion in the book.

Other people should read this book because it has magical horses that do magical things. If you like using your imagination while reading you would like this book. Girls in grades 2nd and 3rd should read this book.