1 Princess Posey and the First Grade Parade

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Princess Posey and the First Grade Parade

Written by Stephanie Greene

Illustrated by Stephanie Roth Sisson

Reviewed by Maddy A. (age 8)

Princess Posey and the First Grade Parade

If you like books about brave and special characters who can do anything then Princess Posey and the First Grade Parade is the book for you! When a little girl named Posey dresses up in her costume she turns into Princess Posey. She can do anything! But when she can’t where her tutu anymore she doesn’t feel confident enough to go to first grade. If you want to find out if Posey faces her fears read the book.

My favorite part of the book is when Posey sees Ms. Lee, her new teacher, at the ice cream shop. I like this part of the book because this is when Posey gets to know that first grade really isn’t that scary after all. The lesson of the story is that you should never be scared of things that you know are not real. In my life the story reminds me of how I was in first grade I was new and scared just like Posey. Just like Posey’s experience, first grade was not so scary for me after all. The character that I found most interesting is Ms. Lee. She is such a nice person and she never yells at anyone. One thing she does is gives hugs when people are sad, like when Posey was scared.

I recommend this book because the first time I read it I felt good because me and Posey are so much alike and it is a really good story. I recommend this book to people that don’t give up! Kids in first grade through third grade would love this book. If you like books about people who are scared at first and then try their best to overcome their fears, you will love this book!