1 The Hardy Boys-The Tower Treasure #1

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The Hardy Boys-The Tower Treasure #1

Written by Franklin Dixon

Illustrated by Franklin Dixon

Reviewed by Mitch D. (age 11)

Imagine that you and your brother are riding your motorcycles, and you almost get knocked off your bikes by a blue sedan speeding down the street. Later on that day, suppose you find the same car upside down that appears to have fallen off of a three hundred-foot cliff. Next, the man in the blue sedan steals your friend's car. Well, that's what happened to the Hardy boys and their friend Chet Morton. Chet's car was stolen, and the Hardys, their dad, Allen Hooper (nicknamed Biff), Jerry Gilroy, Phil Cohen, and Tony Prito found it, easily. The Hardy boys thought that was going to be the main mystery, but they were wrong. The next day Mr. Hardy and the boys had to go to the Tower mansion to investigate a crime that was supposedly done by the Hardy boys' friend, Perry Robinson's dad. Hey, I can't say anymore, or you'll find out who did it!

The character I liked the most was Fenton Hardy (their dad) because he is an old sly detective who never gives up on a case. The Hardy boys will be as good a detective as their dad someday. My favorite part of the book was when the Hardy boys found out that their friend Perry Robinson was accused of robbing the Tower mansion. Frank and Joe Hardy remind me of my stepbrother, Alex, and me because we don't forget about weird things we see. For instance, once I found a suitcase full of things, and I didn't know what they were. I ended up finding out that they were toothpaste containers covered with paint and filled with tar.

I recommend this book for both kids and adults because it is a thrilling adventurous mystery with lots and lots of surprises.