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Written by Patricia Polacco

Reviewed by Nina S. (age 8)


In the book Bully by Patricia Polacco, there is this girl who moves and goes to a new school. She is nervous but she finds a friend. In the middle, she ends up in the popular group and the next thing you know she gets blamed for stealing a work sheet.

I like this book because it shows how you can stand up for your friends. In the book, there was one part when one of the mean girls offended the girl’s friend and the girl stood up for her friend. I also thought this book was sad because the girl had a brother and kids were calling him names and stuff like that. And at the beginning I felt happy and nervous. I felt happy that she was going to have friends and have a happy year, but I also felt nervous because I knew something bad was going to happen.

I would recommend this book to people who have to deal with bullying because I think this book can help you stand up for yourself and stop getting bullied. Because bulling is not good, if someone is bulling you, you should tell them you don’t like it or tell a teacher.