1 The Boy Who Knew Everything

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The Boy Who Knew Everything

Written by Victoria Forester

Reviewed by Rohini M. (age 9)

The Boy Who Knew Everything

In the book there is a prophecy about two kids, a girl who can fly and a boy who knows everything. They are destined for great change. But before she met Conrad was in a bad mood (the boy who knows everything). His evil father (the President) sent him to an evil school and the principle was really mean and she tortured him. Read the rest to find out what happens next.

I like this book because the author (Victoria Foster) has a creative imagination. Second, I love magical things, they make me excited. Third, this book is so good that I feel like I am the character. And one reason that explains why I support my three answers is that the author puts a large amount of effort in each and every book.

First, I recommend this book for people who have a unique imagination. Second, people who are smart would enjoy this story. Last but not least, third to fourth grade readers because this book is a little advanced. And I would have made a thousand more recommendations to more people but that will take too long, like centuries. Anyway, I hope my readers read this book and I hope you like my book review!