1 Big Al

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Big Al

Written by Andrew Clements

Illustrated by Yoshi

Reviewed by student in Mrs. LaRaia's 1st Grade Class

Big Al

Big Al is a very friendly fish who looks mean but is actually very, very nice. The problem is everyone thinks Big Al is too scary so they don’t want to be his friend. Big Al feels sad and lonely. He tries so many things to make friends. He tried to bury himself in the sand to look small. He wrapped himself in seaweed because he thought it would be a great disguise. He puffed himself up to make the other fish laugh. At the end Big Al makes a big difference. We know how important it is to have friends. You will have to read the book to find out if Big Al makes friends or not.

The lesson in this book is don’t judge people on how they look.

We think this a funny book because Al does many hilarious things to try to get friends. He changed his color to look like he blended in with a school of fish. We liked this book because even though he didn’t have friends he tried and tried and never gave up. This is a sweet story because Big Al is generous because he gave kindness to the other fish. He was kind when he didn’t judge the other fish by the way they looked. We like the illustrations because it looked like it took a lot of time draw and they looked real and are detailed. We think the author wrote this book because he was feeling a little bit sad because maybe when he was young he felt left out.

We recommend this book to all ages because it is a funny book and we think all ages would enjoy it. We think everyone would like this book because everyone can feel left out even grown-ups. If you like stories with lessons then you would love this book. This book is easy to read. All people that like hilarious books will enjoy this.