1 The Unwanteds

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The Unwanteds

Written by Lisa McMann

Illustrated by Owen Richardson

Reviewed by Noah M. (age 9)

The Unwanteds

Have you ever imagined that you had magical powers? Well in this book there is a magical world and there are 2 brothers that are twins their names are Aaron and Alex Stowe. The 2 twins get separated and Aaron stays in Quill and they think they are sending Alex to a horrible place. But it is magical and he meets Mr.Today! He starts to live in a magical mansion with living statues. While Aaron figure out where they sent Alex. If you what to know more about the book read it.

I liked this book because it was magical and a bit funny. My favorite part was when they get eliminated and they see Mr. Today and he said ‘’how does it feel to be eliminated?’’ and there was a magical world. My favorite character is Simber because he has a tip of skin that nothing can destroy it and he can fly and he can hear things from far away that’s why he is my favorite character. When I was reading this book I felt like I was in the book.

I think people from 9 to 14 should read this book and people who like magic and books that are a bit funny. There is a riddles some times in these books there is also cool settings like in a secret hallway and other interesting ones. This book is really interesting.