1 Curiosity House

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Curiosity House

Written by Lauren Oliver

Illustrated by H.C. Chester

Reviewed by Inga T. (age 11)

Curiosity House

This story is about four kids with extraordinary powers and a series of murders. The question is who did it? The story takes place in a museum that is home to world wide wonders and freaks it is also home to three kids Pippa, Thomas, and Sam. All of them full of power. Pippa is a mentalist. She can see through your pockets and your mind. Thomas has a spine like a rubber band. He is so flexible he can fit in a shoe box. Sam is the strongest person alive even though he is a boy and looks skinny and weak. He can break through a cement block. These three kids perform and live at the museum along with a lot of other performers with extraordinary things they can do too. But when a fourth child shows up outside the door to perform an act dangerous, knife thrower Mackenzie, Mr.Dumfrey invites her right in as the other performers are tense about her. But when Mr.Dumfrey brings back a shrunken head, disaster strikes as the head is stolen with a series of murders happen. Read how these 13 year old, Thomas, Sam, Pippa, and Mackenzie become friends as they search for the murder and unlock deep secrets.

I love this book because I love a good mystery especially murder mysteries. Read when all four of the children go “huuu” and trust me you will go like that too. I love to read mysteries and this mystery was awesome. My favorite part is when the murder finally got revealed. I was on my tippy toes. I liked Max because she is strong and doesn’t really care what people think of her. I am kind of like that. While I was reading this book I felt butterflies in my stomach! This book is sort of like the second book in this series called Curiosity House screaming statue, because it is also a murder mystery.

You should definitely read this book if you like mysteries and like being on the edge of your feet. If you're not into mysteries, then still read this book. You might change your mind. I recommend this book for readers 10-12 year olds.