1 Hugo Cabret

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Hugo Cabret

Written by Brian Selznick

Reviewed by Samuel S. (age 10)

Hugo Cabret

Hugo Cabret, This book is about a kid named Hugo Cabret. Hugo is trying to fix this machine called the mechanical man and it's the last thing that he has to remember his father. The mechanical man was in a fire so it’s kind of broke down and some pieces are lost.

I think the book was amazing. I loved it! I would totally read it again. It was an adventurous book that made me feel like you could do anything. The black and white illustrations were pencil drawings. They helped tell the story really well. The pictures showed what was happening to help you imagine it. It is not a series and not like any other book I have read.

I recommend this book because it is adventurous mysterious and funny. There are some really exciting and really weird pictures but they do explain. You should really read this book.