1 Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

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Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

Written by Grace Lin

Reviewed by Olivia M. (age 11)

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

Imagine this... going from farm girl and working for a long long day to flying on dragons, tricking a great and powerful tiger and even fighting monkeys. This may sound like a dream a dream but it is all reality for Minli. After reading, I bet you can imagine yourself in the book.

I bet you if you read this book you’ll want to read the next book. There so many characters that she meets on their adventure. On her journey she meets many new animal friends. I relate to this because I make new animal friends and human friends. One of her good friends is a big and friendly dragon. l relate to Minli because I’m very adventurous just like Minli is. My favorite part was when the dragon came to life from the painting. He just destroyed everything! The book had mini-illustrations for each chapter. They helped understand the story.

I would recommend this book for fifth and sixth graders. Trust me this book is a thrilling adventure. After reading review, hopefully you'll read this unique book.