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Written by R.J. Palacio

Reviewed by Kimberly C. (age 10)


I think that you should read the book Wonder. It is about a kid with a facial deformity and he gets bullied by a kid named Jullian. He has other friends like: Jack,Summer, Christopher and, Charlotte. On Halloween Auggie gets sick and goes home. If you like to read a book full of emotions you will like Wonder. Auggie has gone through multiple surgeries. He was home schooled till now, he now goes to Beecher Prep. He has a sister Olivia. (Via)

In my opinion the book was good and I learned a lot about life and the hard and easy parts. We read the book in our class. I think the book is a good life lesson. It kinda relates to my life but I don't have anything like a facial deformity but I have friendship problems like Auggie and it is hard. This book is unique because not a lot of books are about bullying because of a deformity.

I recommend that people who like to hear a little bit of drama and sadness. I think that kids above the age of 10 because it might be a little over their level of reading. I also think that if you want a good discussion with someone then you should read this book. You can learn more about life and the difficult parts and the easy parts.