1 Dragonbreath

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Written by Ursula Vernon

Reviewed by Magda F. (age 10)


I think that you should read Dragonbreath because …It's about a boy named Danny and his friend Wendell. Danny drew a picture of a house and a tree.There were arrows where the ninja frogs were. Danny and Wendell said ninjas were there. Then after he goes to school, his friend gets kidnapped by the ninja frogs. Danny goes and rescues his friend. He's just a normal boy that goes to school every day but not the best student in the class. They go on all these crazy adventures, like the attack of the ninja frogs.

I liked the book because they went on all these adventures. They also rescued Danny’s friend. One of my favorite adventures is the attack of the ninja frogs. It's my favorite because Danny is pretending that he's a ninja. The illustrations are green and black and white. It is like a comic book. My favorite character is Wendell because he worries a lot. Sometimes that is really funny.

You should read this book because it is a humorous book. Dragonbreath is the perfect book for elementary age children. Another reason why you should read this book is it's a quick read. There are 11 books. Many adventures you can read again and again.That's why I think that you should read Dragonbreath.