1 Haunted Castle on Hallows Eve

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Haunted Castle on Hallows Eve

Written by Mary Pope Osborne

Illustrated by Sal Mrdocca

Reviewed by Leo J. (age 8)

Haunted Castle on Hallows Eve

Imagine if you go to different time periods every day. Well that’s what Jack and Annie do. This is one of their biggest missions yet. Jack and Annie have a surprise mission from Merlin they need to go to a haunted castle on Halloween but you never know what could get in there way!

My favorite part is when Annie helps the crow that got injured .I like this because I love animals and I would do the same thing as Annie. I also felt scared because I thought the crow king would change Jack and Annie into crows! I like Jack because he grants the crow king a wish. I didn’t like the crow king because he took something that was very Special.

I think 2nd-4th graders and people who like fantasy and adventures should read this book. I recommend this book because I think people will find Annie interesting.