1 The Snow Day from the Black Lagoon

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The Snow Day from the Black Lagoon

Written by Mike Thaler

Illustrated by Jared Lee

Reviewed by Camden W. (age 8)

The Snow Day from the Black Lagoon

Hubie wakes up and he sees a lot of snow. Everything is covered with snow. Then Hubie watched TV, and the news said there is a snow storm. He has a snow day. Hubie and his friends build a snow man. Something terribly wrong happens with the snowman. He comes alive. Oh no! What will they do ? I liked the book. Because it was funny because Hubie friend asked the tree is this yours. Hubie said you can use a baseball bat for a snow man. My favorite part is when Hubie told his mom I can’t move because he had too much stuff on him. It was funny. I feel happy and sad as I read the book because Hubie gets attacked that’s why I feel sad for Hubie. I feel happy for Hubie because he is not hurt. I recommend the book to a person that likes funny books. It’s good for people that are 6-10 years old.