1 Amelia Bedelia

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Amelia Bedelia

Written by Peggy Parish

Illustrated by Fritz Siebel

Reviewed by Ro A. (age 8)

Amelia Bedelia

I recommend the book “Amelia Bedelia” because she is funny. The book is about when Amelia Bedelia cleans the Rogers' house and messed up. Soon she doesn't know what to do so she makes lemon meringue pie. When Mr. and Mrs. Rogers came home, Mrs. Rogers was mad because Amelia did everything wrong. Then Mr. Rogers stuffed a piece of lemon Meringue pie in her mouth because she was about to fire Amelia Bedelia because she was steaming mad.

This book is funny because she got confused with figures of speech. As an example, when Mr. Rogers told her to dress the chicken, she literally dressed the chicken with clothes. My favorite part is when she dressed the chicken. I also like when Mr. Rogers told her to draw the drapes when it got sunny out. So Amelia got a marker and drew the curtains instead of closing the curtains.

I think you should read this book because it is a very good book. I recommend this book for people who like funny books. I also recommend this book for ages five through nine. I hope you like the book!