1 Mercy Watson Thinks Like a Pig

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Mercy Watson Thinks Like a Pig

Written by Kate DiCamillo

Illustrated by Chris Van Dusen

Reviewed by Ella C. (age 7)

Mercy Watson Thinks Like a Pig

I recommend the book “Mercy Watson Thinks Like a Pig.” It is a good book. This book is mostly about when Mercy eats her neighbors flowers and the neighbor is really angry. At the same time when when Mercy is eating the flowers, Eugenia is calling Animal Control Center because of what Mercy did. So while Eugenia was on the phone with Francine Poulet from the Animal Control Center, she asked if Eugenia had a dog, stray cat, raccoon in her trash, a baby squirrel in her chimney, or a snake in her toilet. Francine comes to capture Mercy! Read to find out if Mercy gets captured or not.

My favorite characters were Mercy, Baby Lincoln, dogs, Franck, Stella, Mr. and Mrs. Watson, and the food. I hope you like it too! Mercy is a silly pig because she drinks lemonade. I love the illustrations too. The moral of the story is never take or eat anything your neighbors did without their permission. For example, if you stole some books from your neighbors, turn around, go back, and give them back.

Overall, I think you should read it. I think it is great. What are you waiting for? Open the book! I hope there is a whole series.