1 Hedgie's Surprise

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Hedgie's Surprise

Written by Jan Brett

Reviewed by Patrick R. (age 8)

Hedgie's Surprise

In Hedgie’s surprise there is a naughty Tomten and a chicken named Henny. Henny always lays one egg each day but gets taken from the Tomten. Next Henny gets sick of her egg getting taken!

I like Hedgie’s surprise because at the end Henny’s eggs hatch and I started to name the little chicks: Acorn, Strawberry, Mushroom, Potato, and Hedgie! The names I chose were a little funny. Mostly they had to do with food and then a couple surprise names, just like the title of the book. I also like the book because I like many of the author's other books, like The Mitten. I really like the illustrations because they are playful but also detailed.

I would recommend this book for kids and parents who like Jan Brett.