1 Because of Winn Dixie

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Because of Winn Dixie

Written by Kate DiCamillo

Reviewed by Diego M. (age 9), Diamond T. (age 10), Jaylee M. (age 10)

Because of Winn Dixie

This is a tale of a girl named Opal. Opal found a dog in the Winn-Dixie grocery store, brought him home, and named him Winn-Dixie. Read to find out what happens next in this book.

I'm Jaylee, and my favorite part is when Opal finds a dog at the Winn-Dixie store. Opal took the dog home and named him Winn-Dixie. I have a connection with Opal because my mom saved a dog. We named him Derben, and we never gave him away. I'm more like Winn-Dixie, because I will protect my family from danger, and I think Winn-Dixie would too.

I'm Diamond, and my favorite part is when Opal found Winn-Dixie under the bed, because I was so happy that they found him. I made a connection when Winn-Dixie got lost. Once my sister got lost, but we found her. I'm more like Otis, because sometimes I am shy like Otis is.

I'm Diego, and my favorite part is when Opal and Gloria had the party, because it was nice when they brought people to the party. I made a connection with Opal because she can be really friendly to other people, and I can be friendly too. I am most like Winn-Dixie because he is afraid of thunderstorms, and I am a little bit afraid of thunderstorms too.

We want people who love animals to read this book, because this book is about a girl named Opal and a dog named Winn-Dixie. The part we think readers will like best is when Winn-Dixie gets rescued. People who love animals will love that part. In fact, you might just cheer out loud!