1 Because of Winn Dixie

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Because of Winn Dixie

Written by Kate DiCamillo

Reviewed by Vanessa W. (age 9), Silus Q. (age 9), Logan G. (age 9)

Because of Winn Dixie

Have you ever read a fascinating book? Well, we have one named Because Of Winn-Dixie. It is about a girl named India Opal Buloni, and she went to the store to buy stuff. A stray dog was in the store and knocked the manager over. Even though Winn-Dixie, (the dog) had made a mess in the produce section, Opal claimed him as her own. Opal and Winn-Dixie go on lots of adventures, and Opal always learns something.

I'm Vanessa, and my favorite part is when Opal claimed the stray dog as her pet. Why...because she named the dog Winn-Dixie after the grocery store she found him in, and she took Winn-Dixie home with her. My favorite character is Opal. I picked Opal because Opal loves Winn-Dixie no mater what he does. I have a connection with Opal because I had a dog and lost my dog, just like Opal lost Winn-Dixie. Luckily, I found my dog, but if you want to know if Opal finds Winn-Dixie, you have to read the book.

I'm Logan, and my favorite part was when Winn-Dixie knocked over the manager in the Winn-Dixie grocery store. It was very funny, and if it wasn't for Opal, Winn-Dixie would have gone to the pound. My favorite character is Otis, because Otis is really nice and he runs a pet store. I have a connection to Opal. Winn-Dixie got lost out in the rain. I know how she felt when she couldn't find him. We thought that my old cat ran out in the rain and couldn't be found, but he hadn't run out at all, he was under the table.

I'm Silus, and my favorite part is when Opal finds Winn-Dixie in the Winn-Dixie grocery store. Opal helps a stray dog by saying he is her dog so the dog wouldn't be sent to the pound. My favorite character is Winn-Dixie. Even though Winn-Dixie makes a mess in the grocery store, he just wanted to have fun. I have a connection to Opal. My family helped a dog. Opal helped a dog too.

We recommend this book to the two first grade classes, because if you love animals you will love this book. The part you will really love is when Opal is in the grocery store and a lot of chaos happens. It is funny. At the moment Opal falls in love with Winn-Dixie, you will fall in love with Winn-Dixie too.