1 Chester's Way

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Chester's Way

Written by Kevin Henkes

Reviewed by Henry C. (age 7)

Chester's Way

If you like "A Weekend with Wendell," you’ll love "Chester’s Way," because both books have two friends that don’t get along very well.

This book is about two friends. Very good friends that always do the same thing. Then Lilly came and she was a different story. Once my brother and I dressed up as the same thing! My friend Jack said, "I like how that it is a circle story and I like how it is realistic fiction." I think "Chester’s Way" is the best book that Kevin Henkes has ever written. I like how Chester and Wilson copy each other, like when they practice hand signals together. I like how Lilly has nifty disguises, like when she dressed up as a cat. I like how Chester and Wilson became friends with Lilly after she saves them. You might want to read "Chester’s Way" because there is a big circle story.

I recommend this book to people who are afraid of newcomers because this book has one and Chester and Wilson are scared of her.

I rate this book a **** star book because it has good speech bubbles and illustrations.

Drive to the nearest library and check out the realistic section and I guarantee you will love this book.