1 Arthur's Birthday

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Arthur's Birthday

Written by Marc Brown

Illustrated by Marc Brown

Reviewed by Caroline M. (age 7)

Arthur's Birthday

This book is about Arthur’s birthday. Arthur’s birthday is on May 25. “Do we really have to celebrate his birthday?” complained D.W. Arthur is planning a birthday party but Muffy is having one that day, too. Muffy is having a concert and can’t book it on a different day and has waiting years for it. They decide to spend part of the day at Muffy’s and the rest of the day at Arthur’s house. Arthur is with his dad shopping for something and when he comes home, everyone shouts: “Happy Birthday, Arthur!” Arthur opened one of his presents. It was from Francine. It said on it: "Francine’s Spin the Bottle Game." Arthur was embarrassed.

If you like humorous books, you should read this book because of Arthur’s Spin the Bottle game. He played it and it landed on Francine. I can remember a time where I had to choose between which friend to play with at recess just like in this book they had to choose between which party to go to. I think “Arthur’s Birthday” by Marc Brown is exciting because Muffy is having a party on the exact same day as Arthur.

I love Marc Brown’s illustrations. He puts his kids’ names on almost every page. I think the middle of the book is awesome. They are on the monkey bars and they get into a fight about whose party to go to. I think the end of the book is really embarrassing and funny. They were playing Spin the Bottle. Arthur spun the bottle and it was pointing at Francine.

I think you should read this book, especially if you are having a birthday party and your friend is having one on the same day as you. You should read this book to help you figure out what to do. My classmate, Garrett, liked the part where “They did Arthur’s Birthday party before Muffy’s birthday party so they did not have two at once so people can go to both of them."

I recommend the book “Arthur’s Birthday” to you if you have a party and your friend is having one to on the same day. This gives you an idea of what to do. If you like the game, Spin the Bottle, then you will love “Arthur’s Birthday” by Marc Brown.

If you go and buy this book, you will smile while you are reading it. I would rate “Arthur’s Birthday” 5 stars because I like how Marc Brown draws all the settings, like when Arthur gets home and people shout, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”