1 Franklin's Library Book

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Franklin's Library Book

Written by Sharon Jennings

Illustrated by Celeste G. Sean J. Sasha M.

Reviewed by Gavin G. (age 7)

Franklin's Library Book

Franklin found a book on kites. Bear and Franklin made kites together and flew them until it was time for supper. Franklin thought he lost the book and was scared he would be in trouble. He found out that Bear took the book home without asking permission. Franklin was very relieved.

My favorite part of the story is when Franklin and and Bear were flying the kites because they were doing fun tricks. Franklin is my favorite character because he made a kite. This story relates to my life because Franklin has lots of friends like I do. The pictures helped my understand the word better.

I think people should read this story because it's about reading and flying kites and that is fun. This book is exciting, scary, and entertaining.