1 Flat Stanley - The Amazing Mexican Secret

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Flat Stanley - The Amazing Mexican Secret

Written by Josh Greenhut

Illustrated by Macky Pamintuan

Reviewed by Ashok S. (age 9)

Flat Stanley - The Amazing Mexican Secret

Do you like books that are fiction and flat? Flat Stanley is a good book for you! Flat Stanley needs to get mailed to Mexico to get a secret ingredient from someone named La Abuela. When Flat Stanley arrived, he met someone named Carmen Del Junco and some other friends. Carmen del Junco helped Flat Stanley get to where La Abuela lived. Flat Stanley needs to go into the jungle to get to La Abuela's house. Find out if Flat Stanley gets the ingredient that his mother needs!

I recommend this book for grades 2-4 because it has lots of details. For example, when Stanley was looking for the ingredient had to go through a bunch of chefs who were also looking for the same ingredient. He was taken by a chef who was looking for this same ingredient for 9 years! Flat Stanley dove off a pyramid in search of the ingredient. Next, he swims through a cave and when he reaches the end, he notices a tiny little house. Could this be where the ingredient is? Read the book to find out.

In my opinion, I rate this book *** stars because it’s silly and adventurous like when Flat Stanley was accidentally being used as a pinata! He was hanging from to tree branch and the kids at a party were swinging at him with a bat! I couldn't put the book down towards the end when the chefs search Abuela's house for the ingredient. This book is full of funny parts.