1 I totally funniest

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I totally funniest

Written by James Patterson

Illustrated by Laura Park

Reviewed by Gavin E. (age 11)

I totally funniest

Jamie Grimm is paralyzed and stuck in a wheelchair by a bad car crash that left his parents and his sister dead. Now he lives with his aunt and uncle in Long Beach.

Jamie Grimm is a funny kid that has three friends that support him to win the finals for the Funniest Kid Comic. A hurricane hits Long Beach and destroys lots of houses including his uncle's diner. Jamie helped them by making the injured people laugh because his doctor used to say “Laughing is the right medicine.” The theme of the story is to persevere and keep on trying because when Jamie Grimm kept on trying to make his aunt and uncle laugh he finally did. The ending is exciting but I do not want to give it away.

I liked it because it gave me good jokes to say to my friends. This book made me feel nervous at times, because I did not know if Jamie was going to win the funniest kid contest or not. My favorite character is Jamie’s uncle because he help him practice his jokes because he had no one else to practice with. I liked the author's writing style because there are lots of pictures so you know what's happening.

Students in 4th-6th grade can enjoy this book, but they should read part 1 and part 2 first. Otherwise if you read this book first you will not get it. Anyone can read this book, boy or girl, they will still laugh.