1 White Fur Flying

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White Fur Flying

Written by Patricia MacLachlan

Reviewed by Kaylee J. (age 9)

White Fur Flying

Woof! Woof! If you like books about dogs, you will love White Fur Flying by Patricia MacLachlan.

White Fur Flying is a book about a dog named Alice and a person taking care of Alice named Zoe. Zoe’s family takes in dogs that need a home. Zoe helps Alice and helps a boy who moved in across the street. He won’t talk and Zoe wants to help him. She thinks the dogs can help him feel better.

In addition, my favorite part of this book is when Zoe tries to help Phillip. I feel like she is a good person. This book reminds me of my dog Hidey because she is one of the best dogs. She is just like Alice because she comes when I call, is kind, and loves me. I love this book because I love dogs. I would have a lot of dogs like Zoe if I could.

I recommend this book to girls and boys that are 8 and up because it might have big words to read. I also think people who like dogs will want to read this book.