1 Battle of the Labyrinth

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Battle of the Labyrinth

Written by Rick Riordan

Illustrated by Rick Riordan

Reviewed by Cedar B. (age 11)

Battle of the Labyrinth

This series is about a half blood (half human half Greek god) named Percy Jackson. HIs father is Poseidon, Greek god of the sea. Percy goes on adventures with his friends to try and protect Olympus, the gods home. Percy learns a lot about Kronos, the father of the great 3 Greek gods and Luke, one of Kronos’ followers. Percy goes to a dangerous maze called a Labyrinth. Grover, his centaur searcher, is losing his searching license during this book. Percy enters the labyrinth with a mortal, which makes this quest even more dangerous.

I think it’s really exciting when Percy fights his brother in a battle to save his friends. I think the sea monsters in the book are really funny because they are very clumsy and are described as stupid monsters. I think it's sad when Grover is losing his license because he has no evidence of the mysterious Pan. Grover is a good centaur and a good searcher. I got angry when Percy had to clean up horse poop for the devil demon ranch because he’s better than that.

I recommend this for 4th and up and for people interested in Greek mythology. Also if you like monsters this would be a good book.