1 Three Times Lucky

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Three Times Lucky

Written by Sheila Turnage

Reviewed by Hanna V. (age 9)

Three Times Lucky

“Miss Lana?” Mo has many things going on in this story! To find out more, find the book Three Times Lucky by Sheila Turnage.

To begin with, Mo and her friend Dale work at the café. Mo has Miss Lana and the Colonel to help her at the café. They have taken care of Mo since she was separated from her mother during a hurricane. In Tupelo Landing, there is a killer on the loose. Mo and Dale team up and are looking for the killer. While that is happening everyone thinks Dale did it. But Dale is not going to take the blame for something he didn’t do.

In addition, my favorite character is Mo. Mo is my favorite character because she will do anything to find her mother. My favorite part is when Mo and Dale are at the café. This is my favorite part because different people always come and they talk to the people during the story. This book made me feel sad. It was sad because Mo didn’t have her mother.

In conclusion, kids ages 8 and up should read this book. To read this, check out Three Times Lucky in your library today!