1 Campfire Mallory

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Campfire Mallory

Written by Laurie Friedman

Illustrated by Jennifer Kalis

Reviewed by Katie C (age 8)

Campfire Mallory

Have you ever had to do something you didn’t want to do? Well in Campfire Mallory by Laurie Friedman, Mallory doesn’t want to go to sleep away camp because she will miss her parents and her cat. But Mallory’s parents say, “Give it a chance.” So Mallory does. On the bus to Camp Blue Lake, she meets Taylor. Taylor is another 9 year old camper. Taylor says there are two 9 year old cabins. Mallory’s best friend, Mary Ann, gets in the other. Mallory is Carine’s bunk mate. Carine likes Mallory but Mallory thinks Carine ruins everything. One time Carine stopped to get some sunscreen and took too long and Mallory and Carine were disqualified from an event. Carine overhears Mallory say that she messes everything up. Mallory tries to become friends again, but Carine is still mad. Read the book to find out if they become friends in the end.

I think Campfire Mallory is a wonderful book. My favorite part is when Carine picks Mallory for a bunk mate because it’s funny when she shouts, “I call Mallory!” I think Mallory is a lovable character because she never gives up. For example Mallory tries to apologize to Carine several times by asking other campers what to do. The illustrations explain what’s happening in the text. For example one picture shows Mallory is embarrassed because she tries to make the make biggest French fry, but she didn’t follow directions and people laugh at her. That’s why I think Campfire Mallory is a wonderful book.

I recommend this book to 3rd to 5th graders because you can relate to it. For example you can try something you didn’t want to do and like it. Also, people who like funny books would like it because Mallory is funny. She thinks her cat can write! Also in a letter she writes, P.P.P.P.P.P.S. Finally this book teaches kindness is always the answer.