1 The Great Carrot Mystery

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The Great Carrot Mystery

Written by Calvin Irons

Reviewed by Hunter F. (age 8)

Do you like a good mystery? If you do then you will love The Great Carrot Mystery.

In this book a bear named Sam plants carrots. Sam is the main character. He put carrots in the ground in rows. Each row had ten carrots planted. Someone steals some of them. Sam does not know if he should eat the rest now or save them for later. Sam goes to sleep and the thief steals more carrots. When Sam wakes up he sees that the carrots are all gone. What should he do?

This book reminds me of the Little Bear series because Sam is a bear too. My favorite part was when Sam was scared of the bunny. It was really funny. The whole book was funny. The illustrations are colorful and add a lot to the story. The story made me happy because I love to be outside too just like Sam.

I would give this book five out of five stars.