1 Gingerbread Baby

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Gingerbread Baby

Written by Jan Brett

Illustrated by Jan Brett

Reviewed by Jackie F. (age 9)

Gingerbread Baby

Have you ever heard the story of the Gingerbread Baby? The Gingerbread Baby is smart, bossy, and wise. Matti is friendly, loyal, and helpful. The setting takes place in the house, outside, in the cottage, and in the pen. The old woman baked a Gingerbread Baby. The man walked inside the house. Then Matti peeked in the oven and the Gingerbread Baby hopped out of the oven. Then the old woman and Matti were trying to get the Gingerbread Baby. The Gingerbread Baby was on the cat and the cat went really, really fast. Everyone started to chase the Gingerbread Baby. Find out more by reading this book.

My favorite part was when the Gingerbread Baby was skipping away from the farm wagon. It was funny when the Gingerbread Baby pops out of the oven. I like the illustrations because they look good and they are neat and have details. This book reminds me of me baking with my dad and mom.

Find out more by reading this book. I will recommend this book because it has a great ending and it will make you laugh. It is funny, really funny.