1 Trapped in Death Cave

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Trapped in Death Cave

Written by Bill Wallace

Reviewed by Ryan R (age 9)

Trapped in Death Cave

This book is about two boys named Brian and Gary. Gary lives in Medicine Park, and Brian is visiting the Oklahoma peaks for the summer. Gary's grandpa dies, and Gary is trying to figure out who killed his grandpa. Grandpa left Gary a map to the Snake Dancer's Gold. Will Gary find the gold?

My favorite character is Mrs. Becker. She is as tough as a bull. She is old, but she keeps up with the boys trying to find the gold. My favorite part is when Gary is under the car and gets bitten by a dog! Brian is supposed to be on guard for Gary while he is under the car, but he doesn't do his job.

I recommend this book for ages 8 through 15. This is a five star book! You want to turn the page every time you read because it is so exciting.