1 The Guide Dog Mystery

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The Guide Dog Mystery

Written by Gertrude Warner

Illustrated by Dirk Gringhaus

Reviewed by Kate F (age 9)

The Guide Dog Mystery

The four Olden children are so excited when they get to go spend the whole weekend at a guide dog training school. After the kids are assigned their dog, Benny sees someone in the woods. Right as Benny looked, the suspicious person ran away. Then, they see someone in the room across from them looking around with a flashlight. Find out what happens next in The Guide Dog Mystery.

I really loved this book. It made my heart beat fast because I did not know what would happen next. The characters were so interesting! My favorite character was Benny because he is the one who sees all of the mysterious things. This is a great mystery.

I recommend this book for ages 7 and up. If you like mysteries, you will absolutely love this book. I could not get my nose out of the book.