1 We Are In A Book

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We Are In A Book

Written by Mo Willems

Reviewed by Reed S. (age 8)

We Are In A Book

Have you ever read the most funniest book in the world? You haven’t? Well, ah hah! You should read Elephant and Piggie, We Are In A Book, by Mo Willems. It’s hilarious! Read more of this review to learn about these two silly characters.

In this book, Elephant, aka Gerald, realizes that a reader is reading them. Elephant and Piggie make the reader say funny things. Read and find out what happens when Gerald notices that the books end.

Gerald is a very hilarious character. For example, when he realizes that he can make the reader say things, he yells, “More bananas!” Gerald is a very good friend to Piggie. For example he appreciates the things that Piggie does. When Piggie says he has an idea, Gerald says, “That is a good idea!”

My favorite part is when Gerald realizes that books end. Gerald says, “ENDS?!?!” with a little bit of confusion. His expression is very funny! Gerald’s ears are flying up!

Gerald and Piggie are REALLY good friends. For example, they are always together and they like to laugh together. When Gerald is sad, Piggie helps him feel better. When Piggie is sad, Gerald helps her feel better. This reminds me of me and my very best friend in the world.

At the end of this book it shows Pigeon tickling Gerald's foot with a feather. Mo Willems hides Pigeon in many of his books. This helps keep the reader interested because it's kind of like a game of hide-and-seek.

Once you read We Are In A Book, you will agree that it is the best Mo Willems book ever made! You will love it! If you like funny books, you will love Elephant and Piggie, We Are In A Book. Go buy it because I think you will fall down laughing. I give this book 4 1/2 stars!