1 Miss Laney is Zany

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Miss Laney is Zany

Written by Dan Gutman

Illustrated by Jim Paillot

Reviewed by Henry B. (age 8)

Miss Laney is Zany

Has your school ever had to close forever? Miss Laney Is Zany! By Dan Gutman is about a boy named A.J. whose school is closing in June unless they get one million dollars to save it. Once the kids found out from the principal, Mr. Klutz, that the school was going to close. They thought to sell one million cookies. Then, they thought to borrow one million dollars from their parents, but they didn’t ask. Lastly, they said they thought they could save the school by cleaning couches. But Miss Laney comes up with a better (zany) idea. Read the book to find out if A.J. and his friends save the school.

I think Miss Laney Is Zany! Is an awesome book! First of all, it is a funny part when the narrator said, “it’s okay to say duty but not doody”. In fact, when A.J. met the speech teacher, she put on a game show! Lastly, this book is about working together. For instance, they decided to put on a play. You won’t want to miss Miss Laney is Zany!

If you like action and comedy books, then you will love Miss Laney Is Zany! Do you want a book that is kind of long? Well, Miss Laney Is Zany! Is a five star book that is not too long or too short. It only has 104 pages! I would recommend this book for grades 1-4. You won’t want to miss a book like this!