1 Scaredy Squirrel at Night

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Scaredy Squirrel at Night

Written by Melanie Watt

Illustrated by Melanie Watt

Reviewed by Odin T. (age 8)

Scaredy Squirrel at Night

Have you ever met the most hilarious squirrel in the world? You haven’t? Well, when you read Scaredy Squirrel at Night, by Melanie Watt, you will love it! I know you will! Read this book to find out why Scaredy Squirrel is smiling on the front cover of the book.

In this book Scaredy Squirrel is scared of having bad dreams at night. He’s afraid of: dragons, fairies, vampire bats, polka-dot monsters, unicorns, and ghosts. Scaredy Squirrel tries to solve the problem by staying up at night. Read to find out how Scaredy Squirrel finally solves his problem.

My favorite part is when Scaredy Squirrel’s plan fails. In this part he makes a plan to keep monsters away. For example, he gets a fire extinguisher to keep the dragons away. This part is super funny! I liked how Scaredy Squirrel's teeth glow in the dark on the cover of the book. It makes me want to snuggle up in bed and read it! I also liked when Scaredy Squirrel played the cymbals to help him stay awake at night. I can make a picture in my head of a squirrel playing cymbals in a big oak tree. I thought it was cool how the author make the different moon shapes in different parts of the book. It showed that time was passing.

You will love this book, Scaredy Squirrel at Night. It is so funny! If you like the book you will probably want to read every book of the Scaredy Squirrel series, just like me. There are a lot more Scaredy Squirrel books, so go get one today! I recommend this book to anyone who likes animals and funny stuff.